About Our Coffee

About Our Coffee

When we were deciding what was important to us and our coffee we wanted it to be more than just great coffee. We wanted it to be the most ethical way to buy our beans (Direct Trade), the best equipment used to roast our Artisan Coffee and to have a slow roast. We did just that! 

We and our partners are the exporter, importer, broker and roaster. This allows us to pay above market prices to our farmers, and still bring our customers real value by eliminating so many middlemen, and their markups. Our goal is simple. We just want to make the best tasting coffee at the lowest price possible.

Most roasters can’t buy full containers at source. This is what helps Brew Avenue keep your cost down. There are many other benefits to buying directly from farmers. We prefer to work directly with a group of farmers. We go there and we find what we can do to make their lives better. Sometimes it is solar electricity so kids can study at night. Sometimes it could be organic fertilizer. In most cases they can always use help establishing a certified organic program, and we like to introduce new disease resistant trees.

At Brew Avenue we try to be good neighbors, and help where we can. In turn our team will be able to buy their entire crop year after year. This helps keep the coffee very consistent, and since we offer so many single origin coffees it is really important we buy from the same farms to maintain our consistency.

Every single cherry is handpicked by our farmers. Then carefully sorted to ensure only the highest quality beans end up in our roaster This endeavor shapes every step of our process, from partnering with our farmers to roasting by hand, to serving our customers with the best coffee.

Slow roasting is always better. The slower we bring the beans to temperature, the more consistent they are throughout the entire bean. Our Probat 90 solid cast drum roaster is preferred over any other roaster ever made for Artisan Coffee. Our roaster is certified from SCAA and is a certified roast master that has been in the business for over 13 years. After roasting, it is immediately packaged and shipped for distribution to our clients. We timeline our coffee so that you are getting the freshest beans!